What compares to a live concert? Live performance is something unique. We offer more than a classical piano recital, we offer an experience. The sparkle of creating music on stage is what drives us. We want to make the connection between the music, the audience and us.

When we met each other during our master education in Utrecht we discovered we shared the same ideas about music. Our passion for chamber music would inevitably lead to the creation of our piano duo.

For us the essence of a concert is communication: communication with an audience that longs to be moved, communication between us as musicians, who share the same instrument and perform as one, communication with ourselves, our inner world. In the end, honesty is the only thing that an artist has when approaching the stage.

In our concert you can hear our own story of the music which we hope will reach you, as the listener.. You can feel what the masterpieces of classical music have to offer and, above all, enjoy!

This is what we do, this is what we love. Join us and be part of it.

Upcoming Events

NamasDuo Piano have a Bechstein grand piano on loan from the collection of The Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation