Myrto Tzelisi

I was born in Rethymno of Crete, Greece where I started my piano lessons at the age of 7 in Monochordo Conservatory. Thanks to the guidance of my teachers V. Symsiris and E. Featham I obtained my Harmony Degree with Honors (2008) and my Piano Degree with Honors (2012). By the time I finished school, I moved to Athens to study Physics at the University of Athens while continuing my music education in Attiko Conservatory in D. Mallouhos’s class. The effort I put in these two different fields was rewarded by gaining my Diploma in Solo Piano Performance with Honors and First Prize (2014) and my Degree in Physics (2016).


The next big step in my life was my music studies in the Netherlands. In 2016 I became part of the class of Martyn van den Hoek in HKU Utrechts Conservatorium and two years later I obtained my Master of Music-Performance on Stages to complete my higher education on Classical Piano. Following my interest in early music I also received harpsichord lessons by Siebe Henstra during my master programme. Since learning never ends, I enrolled as a contract student in the class of Stephane de May in Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Rotterdam.


As a soloist, I have successfully participated in national competitions like FILONAS (2014) and DionysiaTrust (2013) and I have performed in concerts and festivals in Greece, Netherlands and Spain such as Liszt Week (Tivoli Vredenburg), Festival aan de Waal (Zaltbommel), Beethoven’s DNA (Athens), Flisvos Festival (Athens), Nakas Young Soloists Festival (Athens) etc. Apart for my academic education, I have taken part in masterclasses with P. Frankl, D. Blumenthal, E. Sarafianos, P. Moll, D. Dimopoulos, P. Dimopoulos and seminars on various music topics like Alexander Technique, Rare Piano Repertoire, Music Pedagogy, Jazz Piano etc.

 My passion for sharing and communicating through music made me an active chamber music player and piano accompanist with years of experience in working with both instrumentalists and vocalists as well as church choirs. My curiosity has pushed me to participate in collaborative artistic projects such as music theater, music-body improvisation, music bands etc


Alfonso González Martinez

I grew up in Noia, a small town of Galicia, Spain. It was here were I took my first steps as a musician completing my professional degree in Felipe Paz Carbajal Conservatory. Soon after, I moved away to begin my Bachelor´s Degree at the Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León in Salamanca with the pianist Patrín García Barredo and completed my studies with a Master in Music Performance at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium under the guidance of the renowned hungarian pianist Klara Würtz. My music education has been greatly influenced by the russian teacher Alexander Gold at Escola de música Berenguela in Santiago de Compostela and by the world famous pianist Stephane de May at Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, where I studied as a contract student for two years.

It was during my master in HKU where I discovered my fascination for Early Music. I followed the lessons of Siebe Henstra learning harpsichord both as a solo and basso continuo player getting to perform concerts as part of early music ensembles and orchestras in locations like Tivoli Vredenburg.


My musical development has always been enriched by regular attendance to courses and musical seminars by teachers such as Ana Guijarro, Marta Zabaleta, Alberto Rosado, Boris Berman, Ferenc Rados, Edith Fisher or Kenedy. Moretti among others.


During my career I was lucky enough to gather incredibly valuable experience through a number of projects related to different aspects of the music world in countries like Spain, Nederlands, Portugal and Greece. I participated in festivals like “II Festival internacional de Jovens Pianists” (Amarante-Portugal), “Músicas desnudas” (Madrid) or “Ciclo de novos intérpretes 2016 da Asociación Galega da Lírica” (Santiago de Compostela-Spain) and performed in halls such as Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht), Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Fentener van Vlissingen zaal (Utrecht) or Paraninfo da USC (Santiago de Compostela) among others. Also I would like to emphasize my passion for contemporary music and the new generations of composers. I have collaborated with conductors like Oscar Colomina I Bosch, Kevein John Edusei or Javier Castro and played repertoire from a wide variety of composers such as Peter Eotvos, George Antheil, Bernhard Lang, Elena Mendoza, George Crumb, G. Ligeti, John Cage, A. Schoenberg, A. Webern. or E. Zapata Blanco.


Apart from a solo performer I have worked during most of my career as an accompanist, with vocal and ballet accompaniment being my main field of expertise. 


Additionally, I have had the opportunity to participate in various interdisciplinary projects involving improvisation and music-movement-performances